Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Milestone Day

The first day of school. It's an exciting day for most kids. The anticipation of the new year, teachers and friends is wonderful! Especially when it's Pre-Kindergarden and it's really the first time EVER for a little one to do a full day 8am-3pm. AND especially when that child has just finished fighting for her life the past year. The first day of school is momentous. It's a milestone we have been so looking forward to- like the carrot on the end of a long string of cancer treatments!
Ania woke up bright and early ready to go! She traded in her flowy rainbow butterfly wings for the day for a butterfly backpack- not to worry, it had wings too! 

I had to pick her up early from her first day for a doctor appointment. She was pretty bummed to leave so early. She cried. I told her the next day she would be able to stay to the end the next day. She then told me, she had a new boyfriend named Liam and that she would just drive herself to school next time....... They grow up so fast don't they?!

For her second day, she picked out what she called a "fancy" dress. She also asked to borrow my lipstick (I said no)! We are in trouble!! Watch out Liam- her daddy may be protective! ;)

She really seems to like her full day class- she cried again when I picked her up the second day- she did not want to leave! 

I can't tell you how happy it makes us to see her in school - especially at a place she feels so comfortable at! Considering  all that she has been through this past year, the normalcy is refreshing and she is amazingly confident! We are so very proud of our girl!

 God Bless,


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