Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Growing Up Gold

September marks the month for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Social media will be hopefully "going gold" with images that bring to light the epidemic that is childhood cancer.

At this time last year, I'll admit, I might have not paid any attention to an "awareness campaign" about childhood cancer. Then in October 2013 my child became one of these statistics. My child. My child who loved to dance & play in her garden had her life changed forever with a strange glare in her left eye that turned out to be cancer - retinoblastoma. It can happen to YOUR CHILD- in a blink of an eye- no pun intended- your child could be like mine. 

My aunt died at the age of 7 nearly 50 years ago due to leukemia. Ania's cousin Josiah passed away last February from DIPG (brain cancer). We have been connected to many other warrior children because of Ania's diagnosis and everyday it just breaks my heart to see the daily struggles they face. Sometimes it is too much and it is just easier to look away. Then I see Ania's face-  Ania will be one of the lucky ones- she will get to survive. I cannot turn away. We do not know if there will be lasting effects of chemotherapy or all the challenges she may face having a prosthetic eye but we try not to think of it or let the fear hold us back. As a survivor, Ania WILL have a voice on the issue. She WILL be a face of childhood cancer. She will continue to shine, dance, paint, GROW UP like the GOLDEN sunflowers in our garden. We will continue to share her story throughout her life in honor of the kids who may not have that chance.  

Please keep Ania and all the other children who face cancer in your thoughts. If you find it in your hearts to donate to a cause, please do so! For the month of September, any of the artwork purchased in Ania's Dainty Warrior Etsy Shop will have a portion of the proceeds sent to St Baldricks Foundation ( or another children's cancer fund of your choice if specified when ordering). The remaining proceeds will go to helping Ania continue to "Grow Up Gold" and spread her joy and spirit of perserverence to other children by sending wings like she wears and artwork she creates as they fight. 


God Bless and thank you for your support! Go Gold- September and beyond!
In loving memory of Nancy & Josiah

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