Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All We Can Do is Wish, Hope & Pray. And Dance :)

Ania had her second time at the lab today for blood work. She colored in her Ballerina coloring book in the waiting room and showed the receptionist how she knew how to point her toes, pirouette and pliĆ©. It was a beautiful waiting room dance recital! Once she was called in, she cried and screamed of course but as soon as it was over she asked for the apple I promised her before we went in to the office. The nice ladies who draw her blood are very fast and have an easy time finding her veins. I have a feeling I will get to know them well- one of them sweetly said "See you next week" as we left. I really wish that was not the case but nice of her none the less. 

Yesterday, out of the blue, Ania tells me "Mama, my eye is all better." Oh how I wish she is right. I have felt like my eyes have been playing tricks on me the last few days because I've had a harder time seeing the tumor in her eye. I've caught it a few times in just the right light but it's not as glaringly obvious....maybe it is shrinking already???? One can only wish...hope....and pray for those types of miracles.

Research shows that there is less likely the chance that Ania's retinoblastoma is hereditary since it's only in one eye. More than likely, her case is just some freaky occurrence.  However, just to be sure, I have to take our 11 month old son Kellen in for a exam by Dr. Shapiro (retinal specialist) on Monday November 25th. I'm guessing he will dilate Kellen's eyes and use all his fancy eye gadgets to get a good look. Holding a squirmy 11 month old boy through this sounds like it's going to be quite the challenge in itself. I will have Ania come along so she can watch and assure her little brother - plus, she is some kind of expert now right?  Let's wish/hope/pray that Kellen does not share this trait with Ania. Mike and I will undergo some genetic testing in the near future as well to see if there is any chance that we did indeed pass it on to her therefore effecting other future children or grandchildren down the line. 

Other than getting poked with a needle, Ania had the best day today she's had in awhile. She was just in the best mood she's been in in weeks! All day she's been happily singing, drawing, and dancing with a huge smile on her face. She was so eager for ballet class tonight, she asked to put on her tutu a full two hours before class time. She just waited patiently and practiced some of her moves. 

Oh and played with accessories.... She LOVES necklaces, bracelets, barrettes, headbands, tiaras - you name it - she'll put it all on at once! 
Dance baby dance :) 

God Bless,

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