Saturday, November 16, 2013

Normal Life (A new normal)

Its been over a week since Ania had her first treatment.  For the most part, we are keeping up with normal life activities.  She goes to school 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time, attends her ballet class on Tuesday evenings and we have almost nightly dance parties in our kitchen while we make dinner.  That is my favorite- Daddy even gets in on the dancing action! The only thing that is not "normal" is we have to go to the hospital every Tuesday so they can draw blood for lab work.  I guess that will become our new normal since it's going to happen weekly for the next 6 months.  She cried at her first time this past Tuesday and I had to hold her tight so she didn't wiggle too much. I cried quietly too while I held her because I knew this was just the first of so many blood draws and no kid should have to be stuck with a needle and have 2 vials of blood drawn every week.  It's just going to become so normal to her I suppose. 

For the most part, she is acting like her happy go lucky self.  She does seem a little more tired and has been napping more frequently.  She had stopped napping around 6 months ago but her little body is going through so much, I don't blame her.  She seems a little more short tempered but I don't know if that is just normal 3 year old attitude issues or something more. It's hard because I know she is going through so much. I need to keep a balance of keeping her feet on the ground and giving her all the extra TLC she needs..... much harder than it sounds.

So far in the last week, Ania has had none of the possible side effects of chemo - no nausea, no redness/swelling of the eye, hair loss.. That's all great news!

Here are a few snapshots into our life over the last week...
Painting acorns and drinking green smoothies

Playing Dr. Ania with friends
Helping Daddy install a new her tiara :)

Naptime with brothers (Kellen & Ebow)
Making Pizzas
Time for school!
Hanging with her brother
Playing "Robots" with her cousin 
And finally, she is getting lots of "fan mail!'

Lots of well wishes!

Thank you again to everyone following our story! I can't believe how many people across the globe have read and shared our story in the week this blog has been live- OVER 3000 hits! Again, thank you! 

God Bless, 

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  1. I know there is a long road ahead but you are off to a good start. Keep on with your marathon and you will be a winner.We all prey for you family.