Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healing & Reveal Time

Ania has had a great week of healing time. Life as usual for the most part filled with playtime, lots of tomato soup, bread and butter (favorite foods right now), painting and ballet!
Here's a week in picture review:
Lots of snuggles!


Rest time on the couch is better with a pretty butterfly balloon overhead!

She's Back to painting! On Sunday she asked to paint a mermaid. I enjoyed drawing this one for her for 2 reasons- for one, I have always thought mermaids were so beautiful and magestic (what little girl hasn't wish to be a mermaid at some point?!). The other reason I enjoyed drawing it maybe a little more was because it's her first painting post eye removal and it just thrills me to see her creative spirit back so soon ( 3 days after her procedure!). 

Her mermaid turned out beautiful :) Check her out in the restocked ETSY Shop.

Speaking of ETSY Shop.... I've been busy with the help of my mom trying to process over 400 orders that were placed while we were in Philadelphia. It's a great distraction and we are trying to get everything out as soon as we can. Those who are still waiting, thanks for your support and understanding as we are working through them all over the next few days/weeks. I am so thrilled to see Ania's art is so loved! The thought of her works hanging in houses all over the country just fills me with such love and joy! There is one print actually hung up in another country! We met another little girl's family who traveled from Serbia to see Dr. Shields in the waiting room the day Ania lost her eye.  This little girl, Kalina,  is just about Ania's age and was also having her eye removed the very same day. It was nice to meet her wonderful parents and we wish the best for Kalina's future!  Ania has heard all about Kalina and likes that she has a copy of the "Queen Ania's Castle" print. in her home all the way around the world!

Ania has another creative outlet- ballet. Last night she even made it to her ballet class! She enjoyed seeing her teacher and little ballerina friends. 

Today we went back to our parent/child class too at The Chicago Waldorf School.

Putting her imagination to practice at school.... 

And enjoying a knit eye patch made by a friend for her and Rosie doll.

Snuggle time with her "puppy"

And the Big reveal......

Today was also a big day. Today we went to her post-op appointment. That also meant the bandage could finally come off. Ania has been complaining about it itching her so she was happy to hear that it would come off. I was a little nervous at my own reaction but have prepared myself as best as I can for the reveal moment. She sat on my lap as they removed the big bandage. I snuck a few looks but didn't really get a good look until we were in the car. You know what? She's still my beautiful daughter of course! Yes she may look like she's been in a bit of a battle right now with the bruising etc. but that's to be expected. She has been in a battle- a battle for her life! She is such a warrior and has a few bruises and battle scars to show for it now but she still wears all those marks with a smile on her face! She smiles at me and tells me she loves me just as she did before. She paints and she dances just as she did before. She inspires me constantly just as she did before. She is a radiant child- through and through!

Bandage free!

Her eye is sewn shut with stitches that will dissolve over the next few days. There is a perminant implant sewn into the socket that her muscle tissue is attached to that will help maintain the appearance of eye movement once she has her prosthetic in place. We have to apply some ointment daily and in a few weeks once she is more healed, we can start the long process of getting her prosthetic. I'm hoping by her 4th birthday at the end of June, she will have her new special eye. I'm also hoping and praying to get the news that she is completely cancer free sometime in the next few days. Just waiting on the news from pathology that the whiteness that was seen on her optic nerve was just scarring from chemotherapy and not cancer that has spread.... One day at a time.... Healing time is a process.... That we cannot put a rush on....

And Here she is cooking dinner with her daddy tonight ;) just another normal night! 

God Bless,



  1. She is so precious and full of life!!! Praying for great news for a little girl and her family who completly deserve it!!!

  2. That's awesome that she's back to painting and such a strong little warrior! Our prayers will forever continue!

    Also, whenever she's up for it, we'd love a giraffe to go with our elephant :)