Monday, March 31, 2014


News from Philadelphia came today and it's not great. It is recommended that she have 6 months of systemic chemotherapy due to some concerning pathology results from the optic nerve of Ania's removed left eye. This chemo is being done as a precaution due to signs it could have spread. Since October 2013 we've already endured 4 months of intra arterial chemotherapy, eye removal and now this next part of the journey...... Mercy. 

I am still in the process of accepting this news, keeping faith, grieving and wondering what's to come for our sweet girl. We are still learning what this next course of treatment will be like for our daughter. 

I know I will gain my strength and composure for Ania but today is not really my most graceful day. I want to run away and scream MERCY at the top of a mountain far away so no one can see or hear me do it.  I don't live near the mountains so instead I turned on a children's music station while the kids ate lunch and hid myself behind the counter top and just sobbed. I know I have to keep a brave, happy, fearless face on for Ania. I'll figure out how to do that somehow soon.
My dear girl, who is not filled with fear of climbing trees....  May you continue to show such fortitude and bravery with cancer. 

Please keep up the prayers for Ania. Keep strengthening prayers going for her dad and I too. We are going to need it. 

God Bless,



  1. So sorry to hear Erica, continued prayers and positive healing vibes for sweet little Ania. The above picture is beautiful...look at that smile ;-)

  2. Our family is keeping you and yours in prayer

  3. She will kick chemo's butt!

  4. Wow... my heart goes out to you and your beautiful little baby. This story holds a special place in my heart. Although I never had cancer, I experience blindness from a rare eye disease called Vogt Koyanagi Harada Syndrome. My immune system attack my corneas. I had to take chemo pills and my rejected them. I was hopeless and suicidal. I was given a second chance. I blamed God and after 5 weeks of crying, I decided to ask God for forgiveness and Thanked him every day and through the shadows, I saw something. Each day he gave me a miracle. I want you know there is truly hope in God. Believe and thank him every day nonstop for every day is hope with faith. Dear "Sweet Heavenly Father," I come to you in prayer. Please Please Please take this precious little baby, Ania Elaine into your ever loving arms and bless her with great health. Heal her eyes. Laying hands upon her removing the Retinoblastoma. Give her a miracle like you gave me. Let her family sing your praise showing the world of your love and mercy. I believe in you my "Holy Father." I have faith for you showered me with your love. Hold this little baby drawing her close to your heart. Thank You Thank You Thank You "Father." In Jesus' name Amen xoxoxo