Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Royal Time at Medieval Times

We often drive past the Medieval Times castle on our way to grandma's house and Ania always asks to go. Today she had her chance! 

We were contacted by the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation a few weeks ago- they grant "bear hugs" for kids going through life threatening illness. Today's adventure was thanks to this wonderful foundation! They really pulled out all the stops! Front row seats for our whole family/extended family & a generous gift certificate for the gift shop- of course Ania picked out a beautiful pink princess dress, crown, & wand to wear for the show! Her cousin Liam also was able to get a very cool sword and shield! The two of them enjoyed running around and playing in their new dress up gear before the show! 
Lady Ania & Sir Liam 

After some run around time, it was time for the show! We were cheering for the Red & Yellow Knight.  Here are some excellent pictures from the show taken by my cousin :

Our Red & Yellow Knight! Ania kept referring to him as " My Guy" 
She was really into it! And loved the utensil-less meal too :)

Our Red & Yellow night ended up winning the entire tournament! He chose Ania to be his lady and offered her a "diamond tiara"..... She was a bit frightened of him when he came to offer it to her- she actually turned him down haha! Poor guy had his heartbroken by a little girl! 
He won the tournament but not her heart HaHa!! 

All in all, we had a wonderful time! Thanks again to the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation for a fun time!  

  Tomorrow is a busy day. Port placement, MRI and first round of systemic chemo. While it's not going to be easy, we will get through it. Ania will prevail and be victorious like our valiant red & yellow knight! 

God bless,



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