Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Latest Dainty Warrior Art Happenings

I've been so busy only writing serious and not so fun blog entries. Here is a fun one of Ania at work on some of her latest works of art!

3/24 Zebra

3/25 Firetruck
This was a special request from the Lake Villa Fire Department :) In May Ania will get to hand deliver this painting to the fire house and get to hang out at the station for some ice cream and time playing on the trucks!

They loved it! See you soon brave fire fighters!

4/2 Mama Dragon

Little Brother dabbled a bit too while Big Sister worked on her dragon!

When she finished, she told me it was a "mama dragon." ;) 

Besides painting canvas, she's been into drawing "tattoos" on herself too!

Pretty awesome Flower tat! 

The Dainty Warrior Etsy Shop is pretty much stocked with all you see here and more-  the dragon will be up in the next day or two. Also, my printer friend has been working hard on something new and exciting! Very soon there will be blank greeting cards with Dainty Warrior art on the cover! They will be the perfect stationary for any occasion! Since we have done several paintings of birds, the first avaliable set will be a box set of 10 cards: 2 peacocks, 2 cardinals, 2 pink flamingos, 2 owls, & 2 swallows! 
I can't wait to see- and use them myself!
Stay tuned.....

Oh! And we are finally all caught up on orders placed after the NBC coverage and while we were away in Philadelphia! That was hard work to get over 400 orders out! Big thank you to Dave & Julee, Tom & Marcia, Sue & Dean for all your hard work labeling & stuffing all those tubes!!! 

Tomorrow it's back to the not so fun time. We meet with the oncologist to learn about how the systemic chemotherapy process will happen for Ania.... 

God Bless,


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