Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Day of Moments

Ok so Yesterday's post was pretty sad. I was feeling drained and emotionally raw. I'm feeling a little better today and captured a few "moments" to share. Some happy, some still a little sad but, our reality. 
Thanks for all the prayers, inspirational and motivational thoughts. I will be ok. Ania will be ok. We both will have bad days. And we both will move on. Moment to moment indeed. 

We had another lovely morning at the Chicago Waldorf School parent/child class. Ania was feeling happy and had fun building forts and decorating wooden eggs with beeswax for Easter.
Fort building
Her finished eggs

The 2 hour class did her in and she napped for over 3 hours after class. 
Her sweet baby brother snuggled & kissed her while she rested. He would come up to the couch and momentarily lay his head besides hers. Cuteness overload! 

In the 3 hours she napped, Kellen and I had to stay busy.... So we played.... And made silly faces together. I love this little goofball so much! He is such a ray of sunshine in the darkest of times!! 

Ania woke up pretty rejuvenated but with a slight fever. She perked up after a snack of apple slices and even got in some funny faces. 

Her daddy came home from work and she was thrilled to see him ( so was Kellen). They wouldn't let him put them down :) 

She actually ate dinner with us tonight- first time in a week as she has been saying her tummy hurts and that she just doesn't want to eat. After dinner We danced and smiled and my true Ania was present this evening. It was lovely! 

Tomorrow we will probably take it slow and maybe pick the paint brushes back up again as she took a break from that too the last few challenging days. There is a shark & scuba diver just waiting for their colors! 

Until the next moment- good or bad- Peace!

God Bless, 


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