Monday, May 5, 2014

Villa Park Fire Department Meets the Dainty Warrior

This weekend we had quite an adventure! Back in March after Ania's story aired on NBC, I received a phone call from a fireman named Brandon of the Villa Park fire department. He said that he and the crew were watching the news the night it aired and they were interested in having Ania paint a fire truck for them to hang in their station. I just love the thought of these everyday heroes being moved by Ania's story! So of course, Ania went to work on a painting for them!

And of course, they loved it! 

Here it is as a print on etsy:

Anyways, fast forward several weeks later and we got the opportunity to bring her finished painting to the firehouse! Ania and several of her friends got to take a tour, spray the firehose, try on gear & play on the fire trucks, ambulances and a police car! Oh and have an ice cream social with Villa Park's finest! Ania also got to meet the beautiful 11 year old niece of one of the policeman- her name was Lelaina and she traveled all the way from Iowa to meet Ania! Lelaina is a retinoblastoma survivor who also wears a prosthetic eye!  We are honored that she came to be a part of this special day! 

Here are the pictures to show what an unforgettable day we had! 

Fire hose!!

Dress up! 

Ice cream sundae time!


The police gave her a special kitty dressed in police uniform- she decided to name her "Lady"

The fire department gave her a very special gift as well- a custom made Dainty Warrior Fire Fighter helmet! It is a real helmet painted sparkly pink! It's beautiful and quite a treasure! 

She's a natural! 

Once the party was over, Ania chose a spot on the wall of the firehouse to hang her painting! 

The day spent at the Villa Park fire department is one we will never forget. Ania and her friends were shown such a wonderful time that each of them will treasure for a long time! We are honored to have been in the presence of these everyday heroes! The kindness shown to us this day once again demonstrated the power of the human connection. Thank you again Villa Park FD & PD for saving lives and changing lives- each and every day!

God Bless,


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  1. Great story, beautiful pics and painting! Thanks for sharing!