Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Bold, Beautiful & nearly Bald Ballerina

I absolutely love this image of Ania. It was right before she made her return to ballet class this week- she hasn't been to class since probably March. The class is in the evening and that's a tough time for Ania as she is usually too tired to go. This week, she got a good nap in beforehand so she was full of energy and ready to go! She put on her leotard and tights and started stretching before we left for class. She is so dedicated! She didn't skip a beat and got right back into her element of dance! 

Her hair loss is hard to ignore now. It's obvious to everyone now what this little girl is experiencing. She has a little bit of whispies left. Up until now, Ania has been pretty oblivious ( or in denial) to her near baldness. She saw this picture of herself today and said " where is my hair?"...... She also saw a picture of her baby brother and thought it was her... He is pretty bald too ;) She has come to awareness I think but knows it will come back soon. She is ok with it. She is truly beautiful- even if she is bald! Beautiful, bold, & bald! 

This weekend we are going on a "mini vacation" to a beach house in Michigan. It will be an excellent chance to relax and energize our spirits before her next chemotherapy session on June 3rd. As long as her levels have risen to appropriate levels that is. She's been borderline transfusion.... And keeps getting by by the skin of her teeth. I am praying she is all good to go so we can stay on track to finish this treatment by the end of summer! 

God Bless,


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