Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chemo Cycle 3- Halfway There

Ania had her third chemo treatment this week. Halfway there- a cancer free life to come.  Chemotherapy is a journey that she alone must take, trusting only on God's given strength to complete. We, her family and friends, will continue to stand by and support her physical and emotional needs through the journey as best we can while she sails onto the other shore named "CURE!"

Here is how this round went....
Dancing in the waiting room!

We arrived on Tuesday morning to have her blood labs drawn to make sure her counts were high enough for treatment. Thankfully they were so she was admitted shorty after. She is starting to get smart about the "routine" so she was pretty pouty about having to stay. Her lovely nurse helped Ania "fly" to her hospital room- she used her lab coat as butterfly wings to get there with Ania!
Right when we arrived there was a big arts and crafts event happening and she gladly joined in.

Before chemotherapy, it is required that she have 2 hours of prehydration though her IV port. More waiting time but also more time to play before the tough stuff.

She had her treatment around 5:00pm.
The first few hours following were just fine. She was in good spirits.
And enjoyed racing with her little brother around the hospital hallway track.

About 3 hours post treatment is when her window of fun usually closes. Round three was no easy round. It was actually the hardest reaction yet. Once vomiting started, she was getting sick every 10-15 minutes for the next 6-7 hours. She was on a heavy nausea cocktail that didn't seem to help at all. Initially she was on Benedryl & Reglan. That mix helped her last round. This time, not so much. It wasn't until they added Ativan that she got one 3 hour stretch of peace and sleep. Her little body was beat up. Imagine doing sit-ups for 6-7 hours straight! 
Her Wings decorating her IV pole :( not in flight for a few rough hours. 

She slept in late through the morning. To keep ourselves busy, Mimi & I made butterflies out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners. We decided to decorate her door with "Ania's Butterfly Garden" to bring a smile to her face when she finally could wake.

Well, we made so many butterflies while she slept so we "butterfly bombed" the floor:) Butterflies "landed" on all the doors of other children staying at the hospital too! 
When Ania finally woke, she helped make some more butterflies- 
And even hung some around the floor :)

Other than the butterflies that were passed out, Ania gave more- when she was feeling up to it, our little generous butterfly delivered presents to the other kids on the floor from the abundance that she has received over the course of her cancer year. She kept saying, "l want to give to more kids!" until she said, "I run out of gas" and we returned to her room. A valuable lesson- the act of giving- she recieved this week- even in the midst of her own challenging time. 

Goal of the day: 

Once again, we stayed an extra day due to exhaustion and the lack of fluids and food Ania would eat. She was just not mentally ready after her hellacious night before. To be sure, it was decided she stay to avoid dehydration. 
More room decorating ensued:

Painted windows :) 

And visits from Daddy & brother Kellen:

We had a restful night so there was no doubt she would be released in the morning. 
Before we could go, we decided the butterflies that decorated her room must "migrate" to the playroom.
They landed for all to enjoy!

As of about 11:00am, we are home- and very thankful to be here! Check round 3 off the list. Three down, three to go! Now the count down begins to cancer freedom!

 Arriving back home!

Thanks again for all the prayers and help over the last few days! 

God Bless,



  1. Beautiful! We're always praying for your courageous family. <3

  2. Our prayers are always with you God Bless

  3. Thinking about everyone and sending positive love and healing your way

  4. Always sending my good energy and love to you little butterfly <3