Friday, December 13, 2013

Let it shine!

Today we saw the genetic counselor to find out if Ania's retinoblastoma case is genetic. They took a blood sample but we will not know the results for at least 8 weeks. Keep praying that it's not.....

On another very exciting note, we got some holiday pictures back from my photographer friend Eva.  She took an intriguing picture of Ania holding a string of Christmas lights. While we were choosing which photos to use for our Christmas card, we noticed in that specific photo of Ania, she is holding one tiny bulb up to her eye- her LEFT eye! The bad eye! The eye that she is blind in! This is very interesting because up until this point whenever she looked at things with her magnifying glass or through a toilet paper tube while playing "pirate Ania", she would only hold it up to her good, RIGHT eye! Interesting..... Was it just a fluke or was she seeing a little light again?!

This little light of mine.....can you see it??

While we waited in the genetic office today, I asked her if we could play a game of " How many fingers." Typically when I've asked in the last few weeks, she's said no. Today, however, she agreed to play. I covered her good right eye with my hand and Mike held up his fingers about a foot from her face and asked how many. She got it correct!! So, it seems maybe Dr Shapiro was right and her vision is returning! Part of me thinks it was just maybe another fluke but I am overjoyed that maybe it's more...... I'm sure we will know more after her next exam on December 30th but for now I am filled with such positive hope! Again, keep praying for this little light of mine :) 

God Bless,


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