Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Nutcracker Ballet

Yesterday was a magical day indeed! Ania and I left our boys at home to have a special "girls" day with her Mimi, Grandma & Marcie. After lunch, Daddy & Kellen dropped us off at the train station and we left the city for the suburbs for a production of The Nutcracker. She hasn't been on a train in awhile so it was almost a new experience for her.  She loved looking out the window of course and asked what the conductor was doing. As we were sitting there like 2 best friends chit chatting, it struck me how grown up she has become! This may be our first real mommy/daughter outing where I felt like I was enjoying her as a more mature person- not just looking after her as my " baby girl" if that makes sense. She is no longer a little baby for sure! What a little lady she is now at the tender age of 3.5!
Girls day! Mommy, Ania & "Rosie" on the train! 

She loved looking out the window and every stop she would say- "getting closer!" 

When we got there, she was excited to see Mimi greet us at the train station. We walked around downtown a bit and went to meet Grandma & Marcie at the show.

She could barely contain her excitement and pulled Mimi down the aisle to our seats! 

We had really great seats- Third row center! 

After the lights started to dim and music started to play, she said a few " ooohs' and "look at that!" And " that's my song!" It was quite adorable :) 
Clara and the Nutcracker Prince

She did so well and stayed attentive pretty much the whole show- until the very end when the Sugar Plum Fairy came on- Ania just wanted to dance too ;) 

After the show, Ania, the grandmas and I went out for dinner before we had to catch the train back to the city.  She was presented with a pretty ballerina nutcracker music box from all her grandmas to commemorate the special day! 

What a special occasion it is under any circumstance for a little girl to get to see her first ballet performance. For Ania, however, considering all she's been through, it's just been a little sweeter for all of us :)
After the show, waiting for the train home! A radiant, happy girl!

God Bless,


Oh- when we got home, she told Daddy " the show was not over yet" and did a recreation performance for him :) 

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