Monday, December 23, 2013

Tabitha- Dainty Warrior A World Away

Recently, I learned of a little girl named Tabitha (also know as Tao Yi Li). She like Ania, is a 3.5 year old dainty warrior who was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma...and I cannot stop thinking about her. Unlike Ania though, she has no family. She is an orphan and lives across the globe in China. She was abandoned by her parents when she was just 5 months old on July 30th 2010. Police received a call about an abandoned, crying baby wearing "a pink dress and blue striped hat". Birth parents or other relatives were never located. Upon admission to the hospital, she was in good health but it was noticed that there was an issue with her right eye. It was unclear to the doctors at the time whether it was Retinoblastoma and it is also unclear why it took so long to do any course of treatment but she ultimately went through chemotherapy 2 years later in June, July, August and September of 2012. Even after the chemotherapy, it is decided that her eye must be removed to save her life. Tabitha's right eye was removed on September 20, 2012. 

I cannot get this dear little girl out of my mind because I just think about how she's been through all of this ALONE. Every exam. Every blood draw. Every treatment. Losing her eye. All with out a mother or father to hold her hand, comfort her, tell her that everything will be ok and that she must be brave.  I can only hope she had someone who cared enough to go through this with her in some capacity. I really wish I could travel across the world and be there for her.....

Meet Tabitha- Dainty Warrior of China! 

I say a little prayer for Tabitha daily and keep her in my heart everytime I've taken Ania in for a blood draw and witness my girl be oh so brave. I will certainly keep Tabitha in my thoughts as Ania undergoes her 3rd round of chemotherapy on next week (Dec. 30th). 

 I also showed Ania her photograph last week.  Immediately, Ania noticed her missing eye. She asked me her name and why her eye looked like that and I told her she was a little girl the same age as her and her eye happened to be broken like hers.  She did not seem phased by my answer and said "Doctors need to fix her eye like mine."  The next day, I noticed her drawing a picture of a person and asked her who she was drawing.  She simply replied, " the little baby with the broken eye."  Tabitha had quite an impact on Ania too! She drew Tabitha's brown eyes and one even appears to be smaller or "broken"! Again, I am in complete awe of my daughter's empathy and perceptiveness!

"The little baby with the broken eye"

Ania finished her picture of Tabitha with decorative stickers showing her dressed up fancy :) 

I share Tabitha's story with you because so many of you have prayed for us and sent us good thoughts and it has had such an impact on our strength and Ania's treatment.  It has allowed us not feel so alone in this battle.  I share Tabitha's story in hopes that maybe she will be granted the same kindness. And maybe, just maybe someone somewhere will make room for her in his/her heart and possibly life. If little Tabitha or Ania have impacted your life, feel free to share this story.  I am so very hopeful that Tabitha will have people in her life to call family soon.  Please contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in providing that for her.

God Bless and Merry Christmas,



  1. Do you have more information? You can email me

  2. Thank you for sharing about Tabitha! She is so dear to my heart and have lots of into on her. Jenne

    1. My pleasure! I have a good feeling that she is on the hearts and minds of quite a few more people after today! Let's keep praying for this little warrior for sure!