Friday, January 24, 2014

A Girl Inspired

We have been so busy painting- all at Ania's request- that I've almost forgotten she is scheduled to have Round 4 chemotherapy next Wednesday, Jan. 29th. And a very welcomed distraction it's been! 

A fun field trip to Blick Art supply store! "Mommy look at all the colors!!"

I've been bombarding my Facebook friends with all her latest work because she has been so busy! Everyday at Kellen's naptime, she will turn to me the moment his head hits the mattress and say "let's paint a picture!" She then procedes to go pull out all the supplies, fill up a container of water to rinse her brushes, put on her apron,and hand me my my apron. She is a girl who is inspired for sure! As am I- I am so inspired by her! I love the conversation we have each time about what we are going to paint. Once we have our subject matter planned out, it's up to me to draw it. I scour Pinterest for image inspiration, make a plan, pencil it on the canvas, and finish it by drawing it again in black sharpie marker. The entire time, Ania is hovered over my shoulder saying things like "That looks great mommy. Really great!" I appreciate the feedback :) 

Today we worked on a suggested subject matter commissioned by a friend.  I had just finished drawing this peacock and we were discussing colors :) she has never seen a peacock in person before so we looked at all sorts of peacock images online to learn more from.  

We decided on a peachy yellow background...
On a "chocolate" (as Ania calls it) brown branch..
A pretty bird in turquoise and blue blend...
And a little green and purple!

The Peacock painting really surprised me because she really took the lead on the fine details- she is getting so confident in her skills. I really get to just sit back a little more and watch her go to work on those more challenging parts now! 


Here are a few other works from the week! 


Standing tall to get her flamingo's blue sky background....

Flamingo or "mengo" as Ania calls them...

Roar! Lion

This one was really special to do because we just so happened to see a cardinal sitting on a garbage can that morning. We stopped to watch him and she just said " he is pretty- I want to paint him!"
A true artist- finding inspiration in everyday moments of life! Awesome!

So, Dainty Warrior blog is expanding in a good way- it's turning into a virtual art gallery! I'll try to post Ania's works of the week on Fridays :) 

Again, feel free to leave her subject matter suggestions in the comments section and maybe she will bring it to life! 

God Bless,

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  1. Ania, you are an amazing artist !! I bet you could paint a beautiful picture of your yellow house and blue door, or trees covered with snow, or later, in the summertime, a picture of a flower in your yard, or a tomato hanging on the vine. Big hug.