Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Night before Round 4

Well, not off to the greatest of starts. We are currently sitting in the ER waiting for her IV prednisone. She is supposed to take it 12 hours prior to procedure to combat her iodine allergy. Problem is- she HATES the oral medication. Honestly getting her to choke down the stuff is plain awful. Last time we managed to get a measly 1 ml down her after she vomited it all up. Tonight... It was torture. After 3 failed attempts and a kitchen that looked like a scene from the exorcist we paged the doctor. He said we had to go in to the ER and get it IV administered. So here we are... Ugh
Sleeping while we wait...

And now waiting for the prednisone 
Sleepy girls.

Once we finish we will go back home for a few hours of sleep and be back at 7am for her EUA (exam under anesthesia) and 4th chemotherapy round. 

Pray tomorrow goes smoother!

Waiting for discharge papers at midnight... I guess its be back later today then.

God Bless


  1. Sorry that made things more difficult... prayers everything else runs smoothly...

  2. Thank you everyone. She is such a trooper and puts up with so much....this is honestly the hardest part for her ( taking the yucky medicine). When we told her she could take the medicine as a "pinch" (shot/IV) instead she was almost eager to go to the ER last night. No fear whatsoever of needles!