Thursday, January 30, 2014

Round 4 Wrap Up

Ania slept basically for almost 24 hours straight ( including procedure time) and had more nausea/vomiting than she has had in the past. 
Baby brother was so happy to see her! Even though she slept through his visit last night :)

She was up nauseated and sick several times throughout the night. She also had a hard time opening her eyes- she said they were "stuck" and hurt so she did not open them until 7:30 this morning! When she did finally open them, she was excited and said "Mommy they are not stuck anymore!"

Shortly after her eyes were "unstuck", she started to smile again!

Because she was sick so often through the night and was refusing to eat or drink, we stayed a bit longer than in the past. I was able to convince her to go to the playroom for a bit for a change of scenery. 
A little "art therapy" brightened her spirits :)

While we were in the playroom we met another little boy. He was so energetic and adorable. He has been battling leukemia. He was dressed in "ironman" pjs and enjoyed flexing his muscles! His mom said he dresses as a different superhero for every treatment. He and his mom also were also great spirit lifters for Ania. When I told his mom that she was not eating she thought maybe if Ania saw her son eating, she would join him. Sure enough, they enjoyed some snack time together. Maybe someday Ania and her new friend will cross paths again...

Fast friends- a warrior & superhero :)

After snack time, she got to also have a little "pet therapy" with an adorable dog named Abby. 
Dear Sweet Abby 

We are thankful to be home. Ania enjoyed a nice meal brought over by a friend and immediately went to her bed after she finished. 6:30pm and she is out for the night... Exhausted from another, hopefully successful round of treatment. 

Goodnight my dear girl

God Bless,


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  1. You have a knack for this. I feel honored to hear about your story and i'm praying for her every night. <3