Friday, July 18, 2014

A Masterpiece

 This week Ania had her prosthetic eye completed by ocularist Roland Scott. In our opinion, his work is a masterpiece. Ania's new left eye is simply magnificent and is as beautiful as many works of art hanging in the Chicago Art Institute.

 Here she is gathering inspiration at that very place the day her eye was finally finished:

On Wednesday, we went in at 9:00am so he could do some iris color matching. 

At 10:00 he sent us away so he could finish. We had a few hours to mosey around Michigan Avenue so we hit up all the great sights. 
 Millenium Park
Stopping to smell the park garden flowers...

And a mommy/daughter lunchtime selfie!

After lunch, Ania and I took a chance to spend some quality time at the Art Institute of Chicago....

"He's a painter like me!" Says Ania

Dancing around priceless works! 
We had lots of discussion about the paintings. We played a game of "what do you see and what do you think about this one?" 
This was her favorite of the day:
"Mother and Child"- Picasso
She looked at this one for quite awhile commenting how the baby reminded her of her little brother. 

My favorite - because there is history here:
"Lucie Berard ( Child in White)"- Renoir

On the left, is Ania almost exactly one year ago. This painting reminded me of Ania right away last year as she made her first visit to the museum. This was Before the knowledge of cancer. Carefree. 
Of course I had to revisit it. And of course I almost cried. The little girl "Lucie" is of course timeless, unchanged. And my Ania. A different appearance and so much has happened to her since the last time we saw it..... I can't wait to revisit "Lucie" next year and see that transformation again...

We returned for the eye fitting around 1:30pm. 
Waiting as ocularist made a final size adjustment... 
The result- including a special pink butterfly on the top to help Ania identify the topside of her special eye :) 

Check out this match! 

We are so pleased with the final result and time that Roland Scott put into making Ania's very special eye/work of art. Ania thinks it's pretty cool too and has been working on taking it out and putting it in all by herself in the last few weeks! She is really remarkable :) 
It's nice to finally close this one chapter of this cancer journey. Her eye has been restored- like a priceless masterpiece! 

God Bless,


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