Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chemo Round 5- Dancing towards the Finish!

Fortunately, there is not too much to write about this round. I say fortunately because she kicked cancers butt this round. Actually she danced right through it, STOMPED it to the ground- all while wearing her ballet slippers. It is best to get a picture of what treatment this time was like by seeing the images of our little warrior. 

All while attatched to her IV pole, she managed to twirl, leap and pose her way through treatment. 
En Pointe with a pressure cuff! 

Watching her dancing is so inspiring to me. I am not a dancer myself but this dear child of mine just has a flow and grace to her movements that just seem to come from her soul. Please don't think I'm being over-dramatic or boastful ( I am certainly a proud mama!)- it's just something that has to be seen to believed. It comes from her soul. Her facial expression while she dances is one of such calm and confidence. Like her painting abilities, her dancing is something, I believe it is a God-given talent! I appreciate that she has this passion to get her through, what should be, a challenging time! Round 5 didn't stand a chance against this Dainty Dancing Warrior! 

Besides dancing, she asked me to draw a grasshopper for her to paint- inspired by the one we saw on our car as we loaded up to go to the hospital. 
I also started drawing an image I hope to paint for her myself.... Stay tuned for these two finished works of art! 
More window art of course- this time a happy caterpillar! 

Being a good patient :)

Overall, round 5 was the easiest yet. Ania came through like a champ and is excited that she only has to do this one more time! Four weeks from now, she will have her final treatment and she can finally begin her cancer-free life! 

Upon Arriving home at 9:00pm Wednesday, she gets a huge welcome homehug from her brother! 

God Bless,


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