Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wildflowers & Horses

This was one of my most favorite works that Ania has done thus far! It felt very inspired from the beginning. Ania asked to paint a horse- specifically a blonde horse actually! While I was drawing the horse, the song "Wild Horses" came on the radio and I took it as a sign this pretty horse should be in a field of wildflowers :)
Ania was excited to see that I had added some cone flowers to the field of flowers- it's one her favorite flowers :)

She went to work straight away on the blue sky..
In love with this pose :) so determined an focused!

She came back to the flowers and greens another day- however it was a very productive day with many different colors and once again, her interpretation of depth just amazes me! 

Another determined pose :)

The background had been finished for a few days and she knew she wanted a blonde horse but I think she wanted to wait to paint the horse until after we got a chance to see some real horses. She got that chance this week- including an opportunity to ride horseback for the first time at a farm in Indiana with friends! 

After our trip, refreshed and inspired, she finished Wildflower Horse today. She worked very hard at mixing the right blonde color ( At least 4 different tubes of paint colors went into that shade!). I showed her how to darken the shade of blonde so we could create the three-dimensional look of the horse. We looked at a photograph of a horse to look at the muscle and bone structure to capture that dimention.

Her work is just getting so good. The landscape ("GiGi's Mountains") she did prior and this one are my new favorites and I don't think I can let the originals go as easily as she can ( and I may not!). The conversions we've had while creating these two specific works hold so much sentimental value to me! Ania, the true artist, always asks who we will be giving the paintings too. She knows art should be shared and does not get as attatched as most would. Her gift has just grown so much in the last nine months that she's been painting! It really is unbelievable and if I didn't see her do this right before my own eyes, I would have a hard time believing a little girl held this much talent with a paintbrush- oh and not to mention, a girl with one eye!!!

It has to be a God given talent!

This painting is now available as a print in her Etsy shop :) Find it here:

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  1. We loved the horse picture! It's so great to see her happy while she paints. My sister has requested a picture for her birthday. If she has the time and is feeling well, maybe she could paint a yellow ducky wearing rain boots? We love checking up on this brave girl, and pray for the whole family. Thanks!