Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July Fun!

We ventured out to our hometown for a fun filled Forth of July weekend. We spent some time with old friends and family and sweet Ania just had a blast! 

Ania went swimming at her grandma's house- it was the first time since her eye removal that she went swimming and it didn't seem to slow her down- she pretends she is a mermaid in the water and very brave as she was practicing putting her head under! She did say she wanted to get some pink goggles so she could open her eyes underwater and so her eye would not fall out! She is so self aware and completely comfortable with her prosthetic. It's almost like she's always had it- just the way she takes responsibility and demonstrates understanding for her special eye is so remarkable! 
Swim time with daddy!

Saturday night we went to the festival. She went on every carnival ride she could! She had such a smile and her joyful spirt just made her dad and I so happy to watch! My favorite part was when she and I rode the Ferris wheel. She has never been on one before. When the wheel got to the top on the first round, I felt my stomach begin to drop. Just as I felt a moment of fear, she says "Mommy! Put your arms up and touch the sky!!"  I certainly listened and reached up high! If that is not a metaphor for her life! When times get a little scary, this brave girl reaches for the sky! 
Right before we touched the sky! 

Carnival rides 

We finished off the Fourth of July festivities with a parade. Ania wore her patriotic butterfly wings and cheered on the decorated floats. 

Happy Fourth of July from us! Enjoy our attempt at a parade-side family photo- result is a wiggly toddler and 4 year old not in the mood for pictures at that moment ;) it's tough to get us all in one place sometimes! 

God Bless,


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