Friday, February 7, 2014

Dainty Warrior Art 1/31-2/7

This girl really loves her art... 

It's been a busy week and we are now fully stocked with supplies for a long time thanks to a generous donation from Sarah & Blick Art Materials.
 It's so cool to grab a canvas from the tower of canvas we now have in our basement :) Ania has many more paint colors to choose from too and it shows in the latest batch of art from the week. Check them out:

Had to have turquoise toenails :) 

Little brother got try out some watercolor too with the guidance of his sis. She showed him how to dip the brush in paints- and to not "dip" it in his mouth too.... 
He caught on pretty quickly! Way to go Kellen!!

We started using her new canvases next and they are a bit larger than what she's been using. It actually makes things a little easier for her- less small details- less "oopsies"! 

A Princess Castle

She was very particular about what colors went where on this one.... And Her choices were awesome!! 

So proud!!

Up next was a special request for another Retinoblastoma warrior- an awesome guy named Jake who has faught HARD- and so has his mom. She has been a great support for me personally along this journey. 
A yellow cancer awareness ribbon.

Ahoy! What's next? Pirates of course!! 
She loved doing the swirly water :) 

Today we did a special one for her daddy's office. Daddy works in downtown Chicago and every time we drive into the city and see the skyline, she calls it "Daddy's Castle". To her, the building scape looks like a magical huge castle! What an awesome imagination! Only fitting that we paint it right? 

Daddy's Castle

This week health wise has been ok. Other than a little virus earlier in the week she has been feeling in tip top shape and no side effects from last weeks chemotherapy treatment that we have seen.

The city is safe... The superhero painter is taking a lunch break ;)

The Etsy shop for her original works and prints is still not up and running (sorry!)  but it will be soon hopefully! Keep up to date on the new Dainty Warrior Facebook page for an upcoming announcement! Thanks for your support!
Her shirt says "Keep Calm I'm Supergirl"

God Bless,



  1. She is so awesome! What great talent!

  2. I love the pirate ship! Keep on painting, Ania!!!! Can't wait to see you!!!