Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Play Imitating Life

All kids play doctor. Ania is just really good at it. The way she talks to her dolls as she shines a flashlight in their eyes echos her experiences accurately. She tells them what she is doing and explains why.
She says, 
"Welcome to my "Hopipal" (aka hospital)

"I have to check your eye Dolly to see if it's broken." 

" I'm going to check your temperature to see if you feel good." 

" I'm going to give you a pinch and it might hurt a little bit. Be brave and strong Dolly"

"I'm going to help you Dolly so you can be better."

Play imitating life at it's finest. 

A week from today is Ania's 5th round of chemotherapy and I'm starting to get a little stressed. We are going to try to administer prednisone in grape flavored tablet form the night before since the liquid version is impossible to get her to take. If the tablet doesn't work, we will get it IV administered again like we did last time. Next Wednesday will be long. There will be her exam under anesthesia first where Dr. S will tell us if the seeds have been growing still. There will be the intra arterial malphalan & topotecan drugs in her femoral artery. And the cherry in top is the shot of drugs directly into her eyeball. That one just sends shivers up my spine when I think of it. But- I must echo my dear daughter's words and be brave and strong for her. She has little fear and lives each day to it's fullest. I am thankful for that. 

God Bless,



  1. My dear cousin,
    I am thinking about you all daily, but more than ever right now. I can see/feel how nervous you are, but please continue to take comfort in the fact that we are all supporting you, loving you, loving Ania, and thinking about you all. You and Mike are the strongest people I know and I admire you daily. You can DO this and you CAN be strong for your little girl. She is an inspiration to us all.

    Thinking about you and loving your little family always,

  2. Hello from your cousin Allison Murphy. I am thinking about how strong your are. It looks like your have the same dolls that I used to play with. Take care. Love, Allison (Swingle) Murphy