Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disney on Ice with Laura

This is a second post written by my dear cousin Laura.  She took Ania to see Disney on Ice this past weekend and here is how it went! :)

I am very excited to write this second guest post about our trip to Disney on Ice!  When I picked up Ania on Saturday morning, she was already bouncing off the walls with excitement.  She was dressed in her Frozen tiara and a Minnie Mouse shirt; completely adorable!  Once we got on the road, she was telling me story after story after story.  She saw the big buildings and mentioned ‘Daddy’s castle’ again, so I asked her if she was a princess.  She immediately laughed and told me, “No, I’m just Ania.  A big girl!”

Once we got to the United Center, we entered into a sea of pink dresses, Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears, and hundreds of light up toys.  I have to say, I really need to learn how to say no (but when you’re with Ania, it’s very hard to do that!).  We found our seats (FRONT ROW!) and Ania’s face lit up when she saw how close we were to the ice.

We happened to get to the show about 45 minutes early, so we enjoyed a snack of popcorn, and I, of course, caved on a light up Minnie Mouse toy.  Those Disney vendors get you!  That’s what cousins are for, right?
When the lights went down, Ania climbed into my lap to see better (we were right behind a light that was pointing at the ice) and the show began!  I have never heard so many “WOW”s before!  She loved watching the princesses being lifted up in the air by the princes and she pointed out all of her favorite characters.  It was really fun to watch her having so much fun.   She waved at a lot of the characters and didn’t get scared when all of the villains came out onto the ice.  I won’t go into too much detail about the show, but there’s a series of pictures below to show some of the acts we saw.


I feel as though we are creating a very special cousinly bond every time I see her.  It’s really amazing seeing how much she grows-up and how much she remembers about all that we’ve done together.  It really warms my heart and reminds me how special children are, especially ones that are fighting such difficult battles, like she is.  Again, I am incredibly grateful that Mike and Erica allow me to take her to do such fun things and give them some time together, and with Kellen, and just forget about cancer for a while.  Hopefully we can do more things together when Chicago is not in the running to be the next Antarctica!

Thanks for reading!!


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