Friday, February 28, 2014

Philidelphia Update & Fundraisers

We are still going back and forth about our daughter's future. What should we expect out of Philidelphia? Miracles? Is more treatment in the cards for Ania? If so, will it be too much for us to watch her go through? Will it be too much for her? Will it even work? Should we just throw in the towel and remove her eye so she will be cancer-free immediately?
Cancer free.....? Please pray for clarity and peace in our decision making. 

It looks like we will be traveling to Philadelphia March 9-17 tentatively. Still working out details, appointments and travel plans.  

It's been a tough week for our family. The stress is so painful at times. I don't feel like the fun, happy mom I want to be for our kids this week. I don't feel like fun, happy wife either sometimes. I need my husband. He needs me. Sometimes it's just so painful bearing this upcoming decision together.  I look at him and think back to the 17 year old kids we were when we first met and it's unbelievable that we are going through this together with OUR child 14 years later.... We never would have imagined.

Just kids back in 2000....

 I just know we will be ok. She will be ok. Right now is painful though. And exhausting. But gotta keep the love flowing and be supportive for one another. Be a shoulder when he needs it. Lean on him when I need it. It can be a delicate give and take at times. That is family life and unconditional love. 

Pouty face and all....our family is a solid unit of Love <3

The one bright spot in the last few days has been all the donations coming in through Ania's art sales and a fundraiser page that a friend set up for us. I initially just liked the idea of keeping donations tied strictly to Ania's art so people could actually receive a gift of a Ania's talent in return. However, I know some people just like to give and expect nothing in return and I guess that is ok. As humans, we act as the spirit moves us.... Thank you to all who have acted.... From the bottom of our hearts, THANKS.

Here are your 2 options for support/fundraising:

Dainty Warrior Art Etsy :
Ania's Etsy Page of original paintings and prints.  New items were added yesterday and more will be added today! Pirate ships, castles, hockey players, big fish, little fish, more birds..... check it out and check back often! Share with family and friends too :) All proceeds go to medical/travel expenses.

Dainty Warrior Ania GoFundMe Page:
This was created unsolicited by a friend who felt compelled to help.  I am overwhelmed with the support demonstrated there thus far.  Again, all proceeds go to medical/travel expenses.

That's all for now.  I will update when I know more details.  For now, I am going to try and have a little fun with the kids and give Ania a normal week next week free of doctor visits.  She will be at school, with her friends, or being creative as much as possible next week!

God Bless,


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